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Claiborne Hauling is East Tennessee’s premier hauling contractor. We are a veteran-owned family business that takes pride in our community, and we strive for excellence in all that we do. Our primary business focus is Dump Truck Hauling. Starting out with 1 single-axle dump truck in 1997, Claiborne Hauling has grown our fleet to over 175 trucks and pieces of equipment today.
Whether it’s by the hour, by the load, or by the ton, we can haul anything from graded stone, fill dirt, screened topsoil, shale, lime, sand, salt, decorative stone, mulch, demo debris and more primarily around the Greater Knoxville region, but we do service customers throughout Tennessee and into neighboring states.
Our grading & excavation division should be your first call for jobs big and small, from site prep for residential and commercial construction to demolition and clearing, not to mention the efficiency of our new rock slinger which can reduce job times from hours to minutes.
We also have a Heavy Haul Division for hauling all types of construction equipment from mini excavators to D8’s and beyond, oversized loads, “super-loads” up to 150,000 + pounds, flatbed loads, and more.
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Drivers & Experience

Claiborne Hauling utilizes a very in-depth and sophisticated approach to the hiring of drivers. The result is an average driver of count of 60+ employees which have an average of 7 years industry experience. Claiborne Hauling is known for its quality of employees and would assign “best of class” drivers to your projects.

Subcontracting Opportunities

Claiborne Hauling has over 80 Hauler Agreements on File from small local trucking companies within 50 miles; complete with Non-Compete Agreements, Insurance Certificates, W-9’s, # of pieces of equipment and # available that we occasionally use.

Quality Assurance Program

Claiborne Hauling, LLC has a documented and internally published Quality Assurance Program with which all personnel have been trained on and are required to follow. The Quality Assurance Program covers process control, special processes, qualification/certification, records, and review/quality improvement.
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